About Us

Ashgrove Publishing

Ashgrove publishing offers creative content and fiction solutions for a wide variety of platforms.  Our divisions of service are known for excellence in quality.  We are a small, privately owned company located in Missouri, servicing both local clients, and remote clients throughout the world.

  • Our History

    We began in 2008, with a focus on fiction writing, when Claire Ashgrove signed her first publishing contract. As her career continued, we branched into other areas, drawing on a decade of web knowledge to provide web content and design services for small, local businesses wanting to shift into the digital world.

    As digital publishing opened to authors throughout the world, and self publishing became a viable alternative to traditional print contracting, we grew again. In 2012 we launched Finish the Story, a professional freelance editing service designed with the idie author in mind. We also broadened our horizons further with the creation of Untamed Spirit Publishing, a fiction publishing company for select authors looking to delve into Independent publishing.

    Although our origins began many years ago, we formally united all these areas of interest under one umbrella, and Ashgrove Publishing, LLC was incorporated with the state of Missouri in 2013.

  • Company Address

    Ashgrove Publishing
    P.O. Box
    Lee's Summit, MO 64086

    Contact Phone: 816-352-2233

    Contact Email: Service@Ashgrove-Publishing.com

  • Our Philosophy

    Ashgrove Publishing believes that in today's digital world, content is key to a company's success. Whether this means writing web copy that will help your company's brand or product reach more customers, or whether it means crafting fiction novels that will keep readers talking, we are dedicated to quality and are meticulous in our presentation. Nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room to improve--a challenge we hold ourselves to daily.

    By maintaining a careful eye on social media platforms and the changing demands of digital marketing, we are able to bring fresh ideas to consumers while maintaining affordable rates. This, combined with quality products, makes us a competitive choice for your publishing needs.

    Further, we believe in giving back to the writing community which gave so much to us in the early days. We are readily accessible and would be happy to speak to your writer's group or English class about crafting marketable fiction and a wide variety of other topics.

  • Our Services

    We offer a wide variety of services:

    • Fiction Writing
    • Website Design and Maintenence
    • Limited Graphical Arts Design
    • Freelance Editing Services
    • Independent Publishing and Distribution
    • Author Promotions
    • Educational and Speaking Engagements
    • Workshops on Writing and Editing

    Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a shout. It's probably something we're already doing, and we lumped it into one of the above categories.